Curriculum Vitae

A review of Thomas' skills and experiences in the IT industry.

Curriculum Vitae

A review of Thomas' skills and experiences in the IT industry.

Resume Date 2018-01-02 (PDF)

Curriculum Vitae or Resume of Thomas RM Boxall



What follows is an overview of my attached Resume, the skills I've gained over my 26 years of programming, 20 years of work, and 10 years of IT Professionalism.  I want to express how each success and failure has shaped the person I am today, and hopefully give you a picture of how I can be best utilized within your organization.


If I use unique terminology or acronyms here or on my Resume, I'll make sure to explain what I mean here.

Term Definition
Skills Matrix

An Agile Tool; Provides an overview of a person/team's skills using a 5 points system (0-4).

  • 0 = Interested in Learning
  • 1 = Trained, no Experience (Must have supervision)
  • 2 = Some experience (Should have supervision)
  • 3 = Experienced (Shouldn't need supervision, could supervise)
  • 4 = Mastered (Should teach others and supervise work)
Agile A software development methodology that utilises both the iterative and incremental methods to reduce the overall risk of the project.


  • Bachelors of Science (Computer Science): (June 2008) Luther College, University of Regina
    • The Computer Science program at the University of Regina is accredited by CIPS and covers a primary section of the I.S.P. and ITCP IT Professional Designations.
  • Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.): (June 2009) Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)
    • The I.S.P. Designation that must be renewed, and indicates an ongoing commitment to IT Professionalism.
    • The I.S.P. Designation is the only IT Professional designation legally recognized by several provincial Provinces and provides "Right to Title" protection within those provinces.
  • Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCP): (May 2011) Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)
    • The ITCP certification has been accredited by the IP3 against the IP3P professional standard.
  • TOGAF: (Jan 2013) The Open Group
    • The industry standard certification for Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, IT Architects, Data Architects, and Solution Architects.
  • ITIL Foundation: (Oct 2010) AXELOS
    • The industry standard certification for IT Service Management.
    • The Foundation Level certification is the basic understanding of ITIL, and how it is used in an organization.
  • Certified Agile Project Manager (Cert.APM): (Oct 2013) PMAC-AGPC
    • An alternative Project Management certification to PMI's PMP certification, this certification focuses more on Software Development within IT shops that utilize Agile Software Development Methodologies.

Skills Matrix:

All skills as pulled from my Resume and divided by category.

Programming Languages

Skill Description Level
PHP Used to develop websites, alternative to HTML. 3
HTML Primary language for developing websites. 3
Javascript A scripting language designed for web browsers.  A major tool used in website design. 3
Twig Templating language for PHP. 2
CSS Used to force a unified look and feel to a website. 2
C# .NET iteration of C++ 3
SQL Database query language 3

Software Development Methodologies

Skill Description Level
SCRUM An Agile methodology 4
XP Extreme Programming, an Agile methodology 3
TDD Test Driven Design, an Agile Tool 4

Software Development Platforms

Skill Description Level
Bluefish Open Source website design tool 2
Bolt CMS Most common implementation of Twig 2
Telerik .NET web service SDK 2
Visual Studios Microsoft .NET development tool 3
SSMS SQL Server Management Studio, a SQL Server development platform 3
Sharepoint Designer Studio Microsoft Sharepoint development tool 1

Hardware Architectures

Skill Description Level
iOS Apple Mobile Platform 1
Android Google Mobile Platform 2
Mac OSX Apple Desktop Platform 2
Ubuntu Linux Desktop Platform 3
Ubuntu Server Linux Server Platform 3
Windows 10 Microsoft Desktop Platform 3
Azure Microsoft Cloud Platform 2

Office Tools

Skill Description Level
Office 365 Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, ...), Cloud-based 3
Power BI Microsoft Data Analytics Tool 1
ConnectWise Project Management, Time tracking, and Defect tracking tool 2
3CX VOIP communication tool 2
Google Docs Google Office Suite (Word, Calendar, Spreadsheet,...), Cloud-based 3

Industry Knowledge

Skill Description Level
PHP Design, Development, Implementation 3

Curriculum Vitae

A review of Thomas' skills and experiences in the IT industry.

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